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The Kodiak Driver is the world’s safest, most advanced autonomous technology.

We use cutting-edge AI and purpose-built hardware to design highly-adaptable solutions from the ground up.

A modular system for any driving platform.

The Kodiak Driver is easy to manufacture, install, maintain, and built to operate in any environment. Our advanced technology provides 360° visibility, constant self-diagnosis, and contingencies for anything unexpected.


Housing cameras, LiDARs, and radars, SensorPods easily integrate into any vehicle, giving the Kodiak Driver the tools it needs to see everything around it.


To guarantee constant control, a high-integrity custom-designed safety computer interacts with redundant braking and steering systems. Fallback plans ensure that if so much as a single point of failure is detected, the vehicle can always be brought to a safe stop.

Kodiak Maps

We don’t use hyper-detailed maps like most in the autonomous vehicle industry do. That’s because overloaded maps with to-the-inch precision aren’t ideal for autonomous movement. Kodiak Maps can be easily created automatically by the Kodiak Driver or from satellite imagery and contain everything needed to drive safely in any environment. They also have one huge advantage: they’re instantly updated. This enables us to respond quickly to changing conditions, and communicate those changes to other Kodiak Driver-equipped vehicles.


The Kodiak Driver is adaptable to any vehicle, and able to perform in any commercial environment.

See why the Kodiak Driver is the world’s most powerful autonomous tech.

Our state-of-the-art SensorPods use powerful cameras, LiDARs, and radars to collect all the raw data needed to completely understand any environment, keeping you moving forward safely and efficiently. SensorPods are designed, engineered, and purpose-built with manufacturing, maintenance, and operational scale in mind. Easy to integrate into different vehicle types, they’re the industry’s only solution designed to maximize utilization and mission readiness.

SensorPods are easy to service and maintain, and can be swapped out in the field quicker than you can change a tire: no specialized training required. New SensorPods can be installed quickly, while the original is sent back to Kodiak for repair.

Drives like a human. Only better.

To create the world's safest driver, we took inspiration from methods used in training human drivers to navigate various environments and challenges.

A combination of short- and long-range cameras, LiDARs, and radar give a clear perception of exactly where the vehicle will be in the next 10 seconds.

At Kodiak, it’s safety first—and always.

Safety is the core value in our company culture. It drives everything we do, from designing and building technology to operating vehicles.

We develop and validate our technology in multiple ways with a disciplined approach that includes an exacting series of both off- and on-road tests and a heavy dose of simulation. This cycle encompasses millions of autonomous and simulated miles so that we can understand precisely how our tech handles any and all scenarios, no matter how unlikely.

Autonomous solutions that get the job done.

When there’s work to be done, Kodiak helps you get moving.