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Kodiak Catalyst will transform how you move goods.

Our turnkey solution enables you to operate autonomous trucks as part of your fleet. Purpose-built to solve the industry’s most pressing challenges, Kodiak Catalyst is now available for subscription.

Why autonomous trucking?

Driving 11 hours a day is both demanding and uncertain. That’s part of why the trucking industry faces tremendous difficulties attracting and retaining drivers. But amid ever-increasing consumer demands, trucking has to move more freight than ever.

Our autonomous trucking solution, Kodiak Catalyst, is designed specifically to address the industry’s biggest challenges. Enabling you to move freight far more safely and efficiently, scale your operations, and increase revenue and profit.

Safer roads

Every year, there are over 400,000 truck-related accidents on US highways. We know our technology can help bring that number down. The Kodiak Driver never speeds, gets distracted or drowsy, and performs far more predictably than human-driven vehicles, staying largely in the right lane and never weaving in and out of traffic.

More efficient fleets

Kodiak trucks are able to drive nearly 24/7, stopping only to refuel, receive self-diagnosed maintenance, and pick up new loads. With reduced idle time and fewer out of route miles, you’ll move goods farther and faster, using much less fuel. This efficiency leads to increased asset utilization, more reliable deliveries, and less spoilage.

Better quality of life

Autonomous technology doesn’t eliminate drivers. It complements them. Self-driving operations help ease the driver shortages by enabling you to attract and retain great employees, offering them critical roles that allow them to stay close to home while leveraging their experience to drive in the most complicated environments.

Infrastructure resilience

Our scalable solution helps you flex capacity on demand so you can keep goods moving through unforeseen conditions with an efficiency that offers resilience even when networks are strained.

Smaller carbon footprint

Through the elimination of idling, unnecessary miles, and more efficient driving behavior, self-driving technology helps you cut fuel consumption and emissions by up to 25%. This not only saves money, it helps shrink your operation’s carbon footprint.

Kodiak Catalyst integrates seamlessly into your fleet.

Our turnkey solution provides all the tools you need to operate safely and efficiently.

The world’s most capable autonomous driver. Our modular system integrates into any fleet—including all class-8 platforms. Purpose-built to handle long-haul routes, the Kodiak Driver brings safer and more efficient operations to your fleet.

We’ve built the most extensive AV commercial network in the world.

Running from coast to coast, our commercial network incorporates more than 18,000 miles of the nation’s most freight-dense lanes. Along the way, our partnerships enable access to an extensive network of hubs, providing services and facilitating the exchange from local human-driven trucks to long-haul automated trucks.

Here’s how we keep things moving forward.

The flexibility to operate different delivery models allows you to integrate autonomous trucks into your existing operations.

How we work with you.

Our industry-leading Partner Development Program is what sets Kodiak apart from our competitors. It’s a multi-step framework that facilitates the integration of autonomous trucks into your operations, allowing us to tailor Kodiak Catalyst to your particular needs.

We’ll discover what’s unique about your business, operations, systems, fleet, and freight network so we can tailor your deployment and experience.

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Adaptable to any vehicle, each component of our modular system is easy to maintain, and built to operate with maximum efficiency.

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