Thoughtfully engineering the way your things move.

Kodiak Robotics was founded in 2018 by a group of industry veterans who helped put self-driving vehicles on the road. Now, we are bringing our experience to trucking with the mission of building a smarter trucking carrier—so people, partners, and the planet thrive.

Driven by Values

Safety, first and always.

Build procedures to support responsible decision-making. Reinforce safe choices as a community. Safety first always; no breaks, no exceptions.

Intellectual honesty, principled debate.

Seek the truth, especially when it’s inconvenient. Speak with passion, but respect diverse points of view to move towards execution.

Disciplined innovation.

Focus, efficiency and elegance. Learn from experience. Solve meaningful problems. Behave responsibly.

Better together. For a better future.

Seek out best-in-class collaborators. Embrace our ecosystem of diversity—from fellow Kodiak-ers, and customers to the people we share the roads with.

Exceed expectations. Earn respect. Repeat.

Deliver seamless experiences wherever possible. Build trust through action. Consistent and constant accountability.

Don Burnette, CEO & Co-Founder of Kodiak Robotics, talks about building a smarter autonomous trucking carrier.

Built for People

We’ve learned from countless industries—from aerospace to elevators—how the utilization of different types of automation can make things work more efficiently and also eliminate risk. And that’s exactly why we’re developing this technology for trucking. When successful, our trucks will improve safety, enhance truck driver quality of life, increase efficiency, and reduce congestion and emissions.

See our safety approach

Built for Business

Trucks deliver over 70% of all products shipped each year, but drivers today simply can’t keep up with demand. We believe that our technology is the key next step to filling the supply/demand gap in order to keep businesses moving and customers happy. We truly are on the brink of a revolution in logistics.

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