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Building the world’s safest driver.

Endlessly adaptable. Always reliable. Through the endless demands of a world in constant motion, Kodiak helps you get the job done. With purpose-built solutions to power autonomous movement in any environment, we make sure our partners save time, run clean, and keep safe.

Our Vision

Kodiak is the trusted world leader in autonomous ground transportation committed to a safer and more efficient future for all.

Our Promise

No matter how much we grow and evolve as a company, we’ll always be driven by four essential principles to deliver the industry’s most advanced autonomous technology.


At any job site, safety is mission-critical. Our world-class technology provides 360° visibility and constant self-diagnosis, including contingencies for anything unexpected.


Autonomous operations are more efficient, using less fuel while increasing both revenue and asset utilization.


Every minute matters. That’s why we build our solutions to be efficient and serviceable, and to operate in even the most demanding and unpredictable conditions.


Our tailored solutions are easy to integrate across an array of industries at any scale, fit for any vehicle, and simple to maintain.

What makes us so effective?

Operating efficiently is in our DNA. Our sophisticated and dexterous team is a big advantage: our nimbleness and great internal communication across disciplines has enabled us to always deliver major milestones on or ahead of time by focusing on what we excel at: building a full stack autonomous software solution, integrating best in class hardware, and rigorous systems engineering to ensure safety and reliability.


Kodiak Robotics was founded in 2018 by a group of industry veterans with a vision for the future of movement. As pioneers in autonomous trucking, our technologies have helped partners to safely and efficiently deliver 5,000 loads and counting. From our first coast-to-coast run to hitting our millionth mile, we’ve reached all of our ambitious goals even quicker than expected. Our ambitions continue to grow beyond our roots in trucking as we expand the reach of our autonomous solutions to new industries and national security. Kodiak’s innovation and momentum show no signs of slowing.

Kodiak founded

Our Leadership

Don Burnette is the Founder & CEO of Kodiak Robotics. Don is one of the autonomous vehicle industry’s true pioneers, with more than ten years experience working on self-driving software development. He began his career as a software tech lead for the Google self-driving car project, the predecessor to Waymo. After over five years at Google, Don left the company to co-found Otto, the first self-driving truck startup, which was acquired by Uber. After nearly two years as Software Technical Lead at Uber, Don left to found Kodiak.

Trucking Industry Advisory Council

We’re always looking for great people.

Whether working from our California headquarters or our Texas operations center, you’ll be part of a team that’s creating industry-transforming technology.

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