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A driver for any mission.

Autonomous ground vehicles (AGVs) will become indispensable in the next generation of security operations, offering enhanced survivability, endurance, and the ability to operate in hazardous environments, protecting US military personnel from harm. Kodiak’s autonomous solutions are built to help military partners tackle autonomous movement throughout any ground mission.

Military-grade modular SensorPods

Adaptable to any vehicle, our military-grade SensorPods are the industry’s only hardened solution built to be reliable, serviceable, and maintainable on any ground mission.

Portable and adaptable systems

Built to maximize operational availability, Kodiak’s technology can be maintained with minimal training—even on the go, in the field—so vehicles are mission ready when you need them most. Fast replacements mean less downtime and potentially less time spent in danger.

Here’s how our solutions benefit national security.

While the DoD has long been a major driver of technological innovation, commercial autonomous technology companies are increasingly leapfrogging defense-focused companies. Cutting-edge solutions in the commercial market can now be adapted and applied to enhance military capabilities. We’re taking ideas out of the lab and putting solutions into the field significantly quicker.

Partner spotlight

How our tech stacks up

Adaptable to any vehicle, each component of our modular system is easy to integrate and maintain, and built to operate with maximum efficiency.

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Let us know how Kodiak Defense can help.

Leveraging commercial, dual-use technology like Kodiak’s is the fastest way to get the solutions needed into the hands of soldiers. Dual-use autonomous technology has a key role to play in helping the military modernize more effectively, with the ultimate goal of keeping troops out of harm’s way.