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Military Ground Superiority

Introducing Kodiak’s first autonomous military prototype platform. Specifically designed for the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), this new vehicle showcases the incredible versatility of our autonomous system, the Kodiak Driver. The launch of Kodiak’s military prototype platform demonstrates the possibilities of dual-use technology and its significant impact on national security.

A driver for any mission

Our new autonomous platform includes all the necessary autonomy hardware and software required for autonomous military ground vehicle operations. The Kodiak Driver is the only autonomous system able to handle not only commercial on-road applications, but complex military environments, diverse operational conditions, areas with degraded GPS, and challenging off-road terrains with obstacles like rocks, dust, mud, and water. The Kodiak Driver enables the military to operate vehicles remotely when necessary so they can continue operating in virtually any environment.

Portable and adaptable systems

The release of this new vehicle platform demonstrates the adaptability and portability of the Kodiak Driver. Our comprehensive autonomous system seamlessly integrates into any vehicle, from Class 8 trucks to pickups and next-generation combat vehicles. As the DoD increases its focus on autonomous technology, our technology will provide the military with enhanced mission options and technical superiority while ensuring the safety of our servicemen and women.

Rapid Development

We’re also proud to have completed the build of this new vehicle platform in less than six months, an unheard of speed of development. The key to this rapid development lies in the versatility of our modular and vehicle-agnostic autonomous system. The vehicle runs the same software as our autonomous long-haul trucks and utilizes Kodiak DefensePods, an adapted version of our modular SensorPods designed for defense applications. Our military-grade DefensePods are the industry’s only hardened solution built to be reliable, serviceable, and maintainable on any ground mission. In the field where a minute could mean the difference between life and death, time is crucial. Built to maximize operational availability, Kodiak DefensePods can be maintained with minimal training - even on the go, in the field - so vehicles are mission ready when you need them most.

DoD Collaboration

The build of these new vehicles is part of Kodiak’s work awarded by the U.S. Department of Defense in October 2022, and aligns with the DoD’s unique Software Acquisition Pathways strategy, which enables the separate acquisition of hardware and software solutions. This approach ensures that the DoD gets the best combination of hardware and software for its requirements. The rapid progress we've achieved in adapting our technology underscores the potential for the military to leverage private investments in commercial autonomous technology for defense purposes.

Any vehicle. Any environment. Any mission.

Testing of these vehicles began at a U.S. military base in November 2023. The Kodiak Driver’s performance has been tested and validated for military application, and we plan to integrate it into all types of purpose-built military vehicles.

The adaptability, speed, and potential for dual-use technology showcased by this project highlight the broader opportunities for the defense sector. Our commitment to advancing autonomous technology for national security represents a promising future for the collaboration between private and military sectors.