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Kodiak on The Road

Kodiak truck on highway

Watch our state-of-the-art, AI-powered, autonomous technology, the kodiakDriver, in action. Each video provides a glimpse of how Kodiak technology is shaping the future of transportation and national security through safety, efficiency, and adaptability.

Local Roads

The kodiakDriver operates on local roads across the country, including at our newest truckport in Villa Rica, Georgia.

The kodiakDriver drives on local roads, navigating intersections and traffic lights.


The kodiakDriver easily navigates narrow bridges with its cutting-edge planning, controls, and localization modules.

Off-road autonomous driving at night. The kodiakDriver navigates rugged and narrow roads with no clear lane lines and little to no visibility.

One of our first autonomous off-road runs where the kodiakDriver drove without disengaging at 50mph with oncoming traffic.

Traffic and Merges

The kodiakDriver navigates through slow-moving traffic, an aggressive merge, and a motorcycle passing on the shoulder, all at the same time.

Construction Zones

The kodiakDriver recognizes a lane closure sign and plans a safe path forward well before it reaches the obstacle and well before other drivers take action.

Tunnels and Bridges

The kodiakDriver operates over bridges and through tunnels.