Kodiak freight solutions

Powered by the Kodiak Driver, our self-driving freight solutions can transform your business and are available to anyone moving goods by truck. Together, we can more efficiently connect people with the products that shape their lives, reduce environmental impact, and make roads safer.

What can Kodiak technology do for you?

Reduce costs

Self-driving operations deliver significant cost savings while enabling increased asset utilization and revenue generation.

Ease driver shortages

Self-driving technology is the solution for fleets facing capacity constraints due to driver shortages and turnover while also reducing recruitment, training, and retention costs.

Decrease ship times

Exempt from hours-of-service regulations, self-driving trucks will be able to move goods nearly 24/7, delivering freight faster than ever before.

Increase safety & reliability

The Kodiak Driver never speeds, gets distracted or drowsy, and always delivers reliably, safely, and on time, every time.

Lower emissions

Self-driving technology improves fuel efficiency and reduces emissions. Keeping roadways clearer and the air cleaner, while reducing fuel costs.

Eliminate surprises

Kodiak’s OnTime platform will provide full visibility into fleet and freight status, supporting efficient fleet operations by giving you the complete picture.

Self-driving. For everyone.

Experience the advantages of Kodiak’s self-driving technology today, here’s how:

Kodiak Express Shipping Service

Our Kodiak Express service leverages the capacity of our self-driving fleet to carry your freight today. As our partnership grows you’ll unlock the cost, safety, and efficiency benefits of self-driving delivery.

Kodiak Driver Subscription

Beginning in 2025, integrate our self-driving software and hardware, the Kodiak Driver, into your trucks and operate a self-driving fleet for a low per-mile subscription fee. Partner with us today and we’ll use our fleet to demonstrate the benefits of self-driving technology while you experience freight that arrives safely, efficiently, and on-time.

Always safe, informed, and available.

Our  solutions harness the power of all Kodiak technologies. If your fleet is equipped with the Kodiak Driver, or the Kodiak fleet is moving your goods, you’ll have access to tools that provide visibility, transparency, and peace of mind.

The Kodiak Driver

The industry-leading self-driving technology stack, purpose-built for driverless trucks and end-to-end delivery.

Kodiak OnTime

Real-time visibility into the location and performance of your fleet and freight. Seamless integration into your Transportation Management System makes tasks like route optimization a breeze.

Kodiak OnCall

Our always-on remote team is there to assist whenever you need it.

Let’s move goods together.

Learn more about how we can transform the way you move goods.

  • If you operate a fleet, please indicate fleet size so we can better address your needs.