The kodiakDriver

Add an automated driver to your long-haul fleet.

Why autonomy

The trucking industry operates in the demanding, uncertainty of highways and is the brunt of all economic swings. It’s facing growing challenges and autonomous trucks are the only solution.

Our solution

The kodiakDriver navigates highways safer and more efficiently, and is as roadworthy as any commercial class-8 platform. Supported by kodiakOnTime and operated on the kodiakNetwork, Kodiak offers turnkey autonomous integration into your fleet.

Operational Model

Integrate more than just technology into your fleet.

A turnkey solution for safe, efficient delivery.


Our reliable and consistently updating automated driver, trained to be safer than a human, takes care of  the long-haul miles between transfer points, known as TruckPorts.


A network of transfer points facilitates the exchange from local human-driven trucks to long-haul automated trucks. Service providers support the network and keep trucks on the road.



A suite of fleet management tools monitor Kodiak-driven trucks remotely, handle routing to pick up and drop off locations, bypass weight and roadside inspections, manage shipping paperwork, and more.

The Benefits

Increase safety, reliability and sustainability

The Kodiak Driver never speeds, gets distracted or drowsy, and always delivers reliably, safely, and on time, while being more fuel efficient.

Drive revenue, decrease costs

Self-driving operations bring total cost of ownership advantages while enabling increased asset utilization and revenue generation.

Ease driver shortages

Replace the difficult-to-hire long haul lanes that are not attractive for drivers, while retaining them and allowing them to perform day-trips.

Faster ship times

Exempt from hours-of-service regulations, self-driving trucks will be able to move goods nearly 24/7, delivering freight faster than ever before.

Lead the industry

Partner with Kodiak to unlock the capacity, efficiency, and utilization benefits of autonomous trucks and shape the future of this technology today. 

Early Access

Adopt and integrate the kodiakDriver into your fleet before the rest of the industry.

Tailored Solution

Integrate autonomous trucks seamlessly with your operational ecosystem and solve your biggest challenges.


Shape Kodiak’s roadmap and prioritized lanes that deliver value to your business.

Prepare your fleet to go driverless

The Partner Deployment Program

Move goods with an autonomous fleet

  • If you operate a fleet, please indicate fleet size so we can better address your needs.
  • Indicate the highway lanes you'd like to automate with autonomous trucks.
  • How many Kodiak Driver-equipped autonomous trucks would you like to operate in total?