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Ready for launch between Dallas and Houston

Kodiak truck parked in front of a Ryder facility

We've partnered with Ryder to establish a truckport at one of their facilities in Houston. The truckport, which opened in December, enables us to launch and land autonomous trucks and transfer freight between Houston, Dallas, and Oklahoma City. It will be a base for testing, validating, and launching the truckport operational model. 

Partnering with Ryder allows us to expand our network without building expensive stand-alone facilities, allowing us to focus on launching and scaling driverless truck deployment. With our ecosystem-first, capital-lite approach, we're putting all the pieces in place to launch commercial driverless operations at just a fraction of the cost it would otherwise take.

Photo of Kodiak's Ops Center

The truckport will be overseen by our Command Center and a team of Kodiakers based in Houston, facilitating autonomous operations. With all the pieces coming together, we are set to launch our first driverless operations later this year on the Dallas to Houston lane, using the Ryder truckport.