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First to Texas, now the East Coast.

Kodiak truck in front of Pilot gas station

Introducing our groundbreaking truckport in Villa Rica, Georgia. 

The facility will serve as a crucial hub for launching and landing our autonomous trucks, as well as a convenient destination for drivers handling first- and last-mile deliveries.

The truckport offers services such as refueling at the Pilot Travel Center, light maintenance, and pre-trip inspections, including Enhanced Inspections. Specifically tailored for self-driving trucks, Enhanced Inspections ensure safety and reliability.

The industry’s biggest and most robust autonomous network.

Map of the Kodiak network

18,000 miles. Nearly a fifth of the US Interstate System. 14 states. 4 time zones. That’s the scale of Kodiak’s freight network – the largest autonomous network in the world.

The Villa Rica truckport serves as our eastern hub, extending our reach across the freight-dense Dallas to Atlanta corridor, which is critical for the nation’s supply chain and economy. While our Dallas-Fort Worth hub will continue to serve as the main terminal for our autonomous truck fleet.

Drone shot of the Kodiak truck driving to the truckport

The design of the truckport was made to be scalable and to embody lean infrastructure requirements, setting the blueprint for future truckports. From day one, we’ve implemented an asset-light approach. Partnering with Pilot allows us to utilize the nation’s largest travel center network to efficiently move freight with our partners.

Kodiak self-driving trucks are driving the future.

Kodiak truck on highway

Truckports are needed in order to scale autonomous operations, which will change the landscape of long-haul freight transportation, making it safer and more efficient. Our Villa Rica truckport is a step toward our goal of letting self-driving trucks handle long-haul highway miles, leaving local, first- and last-mile deliveries to professional drivers who can stay closer to home.

We’ll be launching truckport operations with our partners to transport six loads of freight per week between the Atlanta truckport and our Dallas hub. Proving that autonomous trucking isn’t just a concept but a practical solution that fits right into real-world logistics, demonstrating how self-driving trucks can seamlessly integrate into our partners’ supply chains. And this is just the beginning. We’re already exploring opportunities to expand further into Pilot’s network.