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2023: Setting the Stage for an Autonomous Future

Kodiak's autonomous truck

2023 was another huge year for Kodiak. In 2023, we grew our operations and deepened our partnerships with some of the world’s best logistics companies, emerging as autonomous trucking’s commercial leader. We expanded our operations to true 24/7 service and delivered our 4,500th load. 

For Defense, we adapted the Kodiak Driver to off-road environments and, in less than six months, upfitted a new, off-road-ready vehicle with the Kodiak Driver, demonstrating the flexibility, portability, and modularity of our technology.

Any vehicle

The Kodiak Driver has a unique platform-agnostic design. In 2023, we demonstrated its flexibility by integrating it into three new platforms.

Kodiak Gen5 self-driving truck

Smarter. Faster. Safer. We introduced our Gen5 platform, which boasted more power, new capabilities, and an even sleeker, more modular hardware package. All autonomy-critical sensors were moved to our SensorPods, eliminating the need for roof-mounted sensors and improving the maintainability and uptime of the Kodiak Driver.

Kodiak's autonomous electric truck

In May, we introduced the first-ever autonomous electric class 8 truck. Integrating the Kodiak Driver into our Peterbilt Model 579EV is helping us realize our vision for the future by combining our industry-leading autonomous stack with an electric powertrain vehicle. The combination of zero-emissions vehicles and autonomous systems is the future of trucking. 

But the sustainability benefits of the Kodiak Driver are available even today on our diesel platforms. Autonomous technology enables around 10% reduction in fuel consumption, increasing efficiency that will help extend the range of EVs. Combining autonomy with electric vehicles is a powerful way to reduce fleet emissions, progressing us towards a cleaner world.

Kodiak's autonomous vehicle built for off-roading

In December, we introduced our first autonomous vehicle specifically designed for the Department of Defense: an F-150 upfitted with the Kodiak Driver. Built to navigate through dust, mud, rocks, and water, we built up the F-150 In less than six months. 

The Kodiak Driver-equipped vehicle is optimized for the needs of autonomous military ground vehicles and demonstrates the portability and flexibility of the Kodiak Driver. It runs the same software as our autonomous long-haul trucks and features Kodiak DefensePods, an adapted version of our modular, swappable SensorPods.

Any environment

The Kodiak Driver has conquered highways. Running from coast to coast, our commercial network incorporates more than 18,000 miles of the nation’s densest freight lanes. Whether it’s navigating through construction zones, handling complex merges, or driving through a rainstorm, our technology has proven that it’s safe, efficient, and reliable. In 2023, the Kodiak Driver moved off the highway and began driving end-to-end, navigating local roads with stop signs, complex intersections, tight turns, and more. By expanding the Kodiak Driver’s capabilities, we are able to provide our customers and partners with a comprehensive autonomous solution.

We didn’t stop at end-to-end autonomous deliveries; we took our system off paved roads and onto gravel and dirt, through our work with the U.S. Army. No other autonomous company has ever accomplished such a quick expansion of its Operational Design Domain. The Kodiak Driver is the only ground autonomy system capable of handling commercial on-road applications and complex military environments, including diverse operational conditions, areas with degraded GPS, and challenging off-road terrains.

Any mission

Kodiak truck at Villa Rica truckport

In preparation for commercial driverless deployment, we added a new truckport in addition to our operations hub in Lancaster, Texas: a fully functional facility in Villa Rica, Georgia, in partnership with Pilot.

Kodiak Command Center

We also launched our Command Center to support our autonomous operations between the two truckports and our newest truckport located at a Ryder facility in Houston. Our Command Center team monitors all our missions and trucks around the clock, ensuring freight arrives safely and on time.

Today, autonomous vehicles are not only changing the way we travel but are also revolutionizing national security. Dual-use technology can help safeguard our troops and reshape the battlefield. In 2023, we brought the Kodiak Driver to defense applications with the introduction of our F-150, demonstrating seamless human-machine teaming and off-road autonomy. As the future of security hinges on the power of autonomy, we’re ready to lead the charge, ensuring American safety and technological superiority.

2024, the future is autonomous

2024 will be our biggest year yet. Get ready for new platforms, innovations, and partners. We’ll continue to introduce updates that make the Kodiak Driver even safer and more capable as we prepare for an autonomous future.