Kodiak Robotics

Thoughtfully engineering the way your things move.

Kodiak was founded by a group of self-driving industry veterans intent on helping solve the trucking industry’s greatest challenges. We believe trucking will see the first widespread adoption of self-driving technology, ultimately saving lives, increasing network efficiency, reducing costs and emissions, and enhancing the quality of life of truck drivers. 

Most importantly, we believe self-driving trucking technology is for everyone. From small fleets to large carriers, our technology can help anyone who hauls goods, and we’re looking for the best partners out there to transform trucking, together.

Our Mission

Carrying freight forward—so people, partners, and the planet thrive.

Our Vision

To build the world’s most efficient, reliable, and respected end-to-end delivery solution.

Our values

Safety, first and always.

We believe that if it’s not safe, it’s not worth doing. It is our responsibility to bring this technology to life safely, and we take it very seriously. So much technology has been fueled by quick sprints and global, market-shifting ambition. We get that, but we also know that without a keen focus on safety, ambition in our space is meaningless. We are thoughtfully building toward meaningful innovation and a sustainable business. Instead of the sale of a shiny demo, fleets operating our technology will be the representation of our success.

Intellectual honesty, principled debate.

We believe that decision-making should be driven by truth and transparency. We’re constantly engaging in principled debate, challenging our thinking, and nurturing collaboration in order to sharpen each other’s ideas.

Disciplined innovation.

We believe that concentrating on a solvable problem is more valuable than moonshot development. We value elegant solutions over complicated features. Our years of industry experience have brought the realities of business into focus and unveiled the limits of existing technology—it is within these constraints that we thrive. Today, our focus on long-haul trucking gives us the traction we need to build an impactful business for ourselves and our partners.

Better together. For a better future.

We envision a future in which the Kodiak Driver is a common—and welcome— sight on America’s highways. But we won’t get there alone. We need the top ecosystem partners to support our engineering efforts, we need skilled drivers on the road and back at home base to ensure our trucks are functioning optimally. And we need willing partners that trust our technology can improve how they ship their precious cargo. Whether the end goal is making roads safer, more efficient, or friendlier to the environment, collaboration across all sectors of the business is essential—today and well into the future.

Exceed expectations. Earn respect. Repeat.

We believe that earning respect is an ongoing task. By making the priorities of those we work for—and with—our own, we can navigate all challenges and deliver results for our customers. From pick-up to drop-off, efficiency and reliability are top-of-mind. And we’re constantly on the quest to design solutions that delight our customers while making their jobs easier. Our market is competitive, which ensures we have to work hard to win your business as well as your trust.