Building the trucking industry’s most advanced self-driving technology.

Kodiak SensorPodsTM. Built for efficiency and scale.

In trucking, every minute off the road matters. That’s why we’ve built our hardware to be safe, efficient, serviceable, and scalable. With just a few bolts and three cables, anyone can change Kodiak SensorPods™, and keep their trucks on the road.

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At Kodiak, we're building the world's safest driver.

Core to safety, and table stakes for any autonomous system, is the ability to bring a vehicle to a safe stop. From the beginning, we’ve designed the Kodiak Driver to perform what are known as fallbacks, and we’re the first autonomous trucking company to demonstrate fallbacks on public roads.

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Born in CA. Raised in TX. Moving goods since 2019.

The Kodiak Driver

The premier self-driving technology for long-haul trucks.

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Kodiak's freight solutions

Whether you have goods to move or your business is moving goods, we have a freight solution that fits your needs.

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Kodiak Robotics

Kodiak was founded by a group of self-driving industry veterans intent on helping solve the trucking industry’s greatest challenges.

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The Kodiak blog

Learn from the Kodiak team how we’re building and commercializing the Kodiak Driver.

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Let’s transform the way you move goods.

We can’t unlock the benefits of self-driving delivery alone. Let’s discuss how we can accelerate your business.

The best team in the business.

DARPA self-driving vehicles. Autonomous drones. Military radar. The International Space Station. We’ve worked on the world’s most game-changing technologies, and we’re passionate about trucks.