The Kodiak shipping advantage

We'll take your goods from A to B, faster, safer and more efficiently.

A Better Way to Ship

Together, we can help to more efficiently connect people with the products that shape their lives, reduce environmental impact, and make highways safer.

Safety. Safety. Safety.

We lower the risk of accidents due to fatigue and human error on long-haul routes. Our technology is never distracted, and our safety drivers are always present.

All day. Every day.

Our trucks can operate 24 hours a day, moving your goods from A to B around the clock.

On time. Every time.

Our on-time track record means that you can set your watch to our arrival times.

No surprises.

Our transparency and analytics give you the complete picture.

Reduced congestion. Lower emissions.

Night-time travel and other efficiencies help keep roadways clearer and the air cleaner.

Ship with Us

Let’s talk about a better way to move your goods.