About Kodiak

Kodiak was founded in 2018 by Don Burnette and Paz Eshel to redefine long-haul trucking using safe and reliable autonomous technology.

Between growing e-commerce and a strong economy, demand for trucking is on the rise. The trucking industry faces major problems: a shortage of drivers, difficult working conditions, and extremely high turnover. According to the American Trucking Association, the industry faced a shortage of 51,000 commercial truck drivers at the end of 2017.

Long-haul trucking is primed for autonomous technology. Highway driving is more structured and predictable than urban driving. This means there are fewer decisions for drivers to make and a better fit for autonomous vehicles.

We believe that autonomous trucks will play a major role in filling the gap while improving safety, enhancing truck driver quality of life, increasing efficiency, reducing congestion and emissions and creating jobs across the economy.

As industry veterans with more than a decade of experience putting autonomous cars on the road, we are excited to be at the forefront of the coming self-driving truck revolution.

Our Values



Safety is our top priority. We are taking a safe and responsible approach to developing and testing our technology.



We are designing our vehicles to work under road conditions as they are today, without new road or communications infrastructure.



We are focused on building scalable, sustainable autonomous technology to be deployed commercially rather than as a demo.



Everything we do is with the goal of improving people’s lives–from our employees to truck drivers, shippers and the general public.


Don Burnette

Co-Founder and CEO

Paz Eshel

Co-Founder and COO

Andreas Wendel

VP of Engineering

Zsuzsanna Major

VP of People

Jordan Coleman

General Counsel

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We’ve built a world-class team of experienced technologists and business operators. We are working together towards our vision of putting self-driving trucks on the road in the safest and most efficient way possible. We are always looking for talented individuals to join us.

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